Miranda Yahoo protocol

So, you may be aware that Yahoo released a protocol update that locked out 3rd party applications like Trillian, GAIM and Miranda. Well, the Trillian folks were the first to come up with a patch (over the weekend, I believe) and they apparently passed it on to the GAIM folks. The patch, or a semblance of it, made it to libyahoo2 which is a standard yahoo protocol library that you can include in your own software. But, the updates are still in alpha state so they aren’t prominently displayed on that site.

But I digress. The update rendered all the 3rd party IM clients unusable. Miranda (my current favorite) has an alpha version of the protocol module available. The one I use is myYahoo20030928b.zip. It’s been updated recently so the link may no longer work but I haven’t had the need to update (it’s alpha — why should I mess with something that works now? — if/when it’s updated again or I have a problem I’ll update again). If you need a link to a usable protocol update, let me know and I’ll seek out the newest version for you.

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