Samurize : Superfine system monitoring

I like knowing what my system’s doing. Bandwidth utilization, processor and page usage, that kinda stuff. I’ve been using CoolMon from ArsWare for a really long time … like more than a year. But it’s had a couple of bugs that bother me. Not significant problems, just little nuisance ones. Well, last week I came across Serious Samurize and, I’ve gotta tell ya … WOO HOO! It has built-in access to quite a few counters but also gives you access to perfmon counters and WMI stats and plug-ins PLUS console-based programs and VB scripts. You can render things as graphs (line, pie chart, histogram, etc) and/or as text. Comes with a configuration editor that’s very intuitive. It’s donation-ware (free but they ask for a donation) and well worth whatever you wanna throw at ’em. I’m a convert.

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