November 2004

Tab browsing in Firefox V1.0

They’ve brought Firefox another step closer to being able to function as a tabbed browser. Type about:config in the URLbar and scroll down to or filter browser.tabs.showSingleWindowModePrefs, right-click on it and set it to true. This will enable another set of options in the Tools->Options, Advanced (apparently someone found an unreproducible bug in one of the Firefox 1.0 previews so they disabled the feature in the release version). The options made available by setting this flag doesn’t appear to be a complete fix, though as bookmarks still seem to open in the same tab as do URLs typed into the URLbar. One can install Tab browser Preferences to handle typing into the URLbar and miniT Enhanced takes care of opening bookmarks into a new tab. Tabbrowser Preferences is a biggie, though, so it probably obviates the showSingleWindowModePrefs change/fix.

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Screen protector for Blackberry 7100t

This phone, like most phones, PDAs, and smartphones, has a display that can get scratched. I decided to buy some screen protectors for it and, after long deliberation, decided to go with ScreenGuardz. No adhesive and the price is right ($9.99 for a set of 15, 2 sets for $16 which includes first class mail delivery). I got them a few hours before I got my new phone so I had a chance to put them on a fresh screen and they work wonderfully! Size is a little off but the president of the company signed on to the 7100t board of BlackBerryForums and personally offered to replace everyone’s order with one sized to their own dimensions! For $16, I felt a little cheap sending him an email with my proposed dimensions but he responded almost immediately and said he was sending out 2 replacement sets sized to my dimensions. With service like that, he’s bound to have a successful company and he’s made a customer for life out of me.

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BlackBerry update

OK, I promised I’d post an update about my new BlackBerry 7100t when I had more to say. Well, now’s the time. I’ve had to return the phone 2 times so now I’m on my third and it looks like 3rd time’s the charm! The Q/W key on the first phone wouldn’t work so I returned it almost immediately and it was replaced the same day. Then, a few days after I got it, the keypad on the 2nd phone began to fail intermittently. To get it to function again I would have to push on the screen in various places. Sometimes a row of keys wouldn’t work, other times a column wouldn’t work and yet at other times a few keys out of a row or column wouldn’t work. It took them almost 3 weeks to replace my handset this time but it looks like this one is good.

I have to say, throughout the whole ordeal, I’ve enjoyed the new phone. Guess that makes me a BlackBerry junkie. I like the form factor, I like the way it feels in my hand, I like the applications that run on it and, most importantly, I like the way it synchronizes with my Outlook contacts and calendar.

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Comment SPAM has forced me to turn off comments

I resisted doing this but over the prior weekend I got over 30 pieces of comment spam. I deletedeach and every one of them but it so infuriated me that I have turned off comments for the time being. My apologies to my friends and those of you who have so kindly commented in the past. If you have comments, please feel free to email them to me. Send them to tony — (at) — tonys-links (dot) com.

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