Screen protector for Blackberry 7100t

This phone, like most phones, PDAs, and smartphones, has a display that can get scratched. I decided to buy some screen protectors for it and, after long deliberation, decided to go with ScreenGuardz. No adhesive and the price is right ($9.99 for a set of 15, 2 sets for $16 which includes first class mail delivery). I got them a few hours before I got my new phone so I had a chance to put them on a fresh screen and they work wonderfully! Size is a little off but the president of the company signed on to the 7100t board of BlackBerryForums and personally offered to replace everyone’s order with one sized to their own dimensions! For $16, I felt a little cheap sending him an email with my proposed dimensions but he responded almost immediately and said he was sending out 2 replacement sets sized to my dimensions. With service like that, he’s bound to have a successful company and he’s made a customer for life out of me.

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