SkypeIn and Skype Voicemail

So, everyone’s probably already aware that Skype offers free Skype-user to Skype-user calling and outbound calling from the Skype client installed on your PC or Mac to a regular telephone for something like $.02 per minute. Skype now has SkypeIn and Skype Voicemail in beta. Interesting products! The SkypeIn service allows the user to “buy” (i.e. pay for on a monthly basis) one to three phone numbers that are local to whatever area they wish — maybe one in Sillycon Valley, one in Oklahoma and one in London! Calls to your SkypeIn number actually go the owner’s Skype client.

How much does it cost? Well, that’s a little unclear to me. A 3-month subscription to SkypeIn is about $13 US (the price is actually quoted in Euros) for 3 months or about $39 US for a 12-month subscription and includes a free subscription to Skype Voicemail. But I haven’t (yet) been able to find anything about air-time charges which I’m sure are there. If I hear otherwise or I get a price for air-time, I’ll update this entry.

PR annoucement is here.