How NOT to capture transport streams

I’ve been capturing transport streams from my Motorola DCT-6412 DVR with VideoLAN. Once captured, I’d use something like MPEG2Repair to fix up the stream and I’d see anywhere from about 10 to thousands of errors. Well, last week I began using CapDVHS to capture and my streams have been error-free ever since! CapDVHS doesn’t have any facility for viewing the stream while capturing whereas VLC does. Perhaps, in an attempt to keep the display properly synched VLC drops packets and maybe that accounts for the difference? I don’t know but things run much more smoothly now.

(Just a note on the link to CapDVHS. Here is the original site in Japanese and here it is in English courtesy of’s translator; the link I posted above is for a version whose font was changed to make the application more readable. And thanks to this posting in AVSForum for the link to the site.)

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