February 2006

T-Mobile’s MDA

Well, I got my hands on a T-Mobile MDA today and I’m impressed with the size and the feel of the phone. I’ve got a T-Mobile Blackberry 7100t (note that the link takes you to a 7105t which has superceded my model). The MDA is a little shorter and a little thicker than my phone (the custom-fit case that I have will just barely accomodate the MDA’s thickness) which means that the form factor is just about perfect. Since the keyboard slides out of the MDA, the screen is much larger than the Blackberry.

Have I decided to buy one yet? No, not yet. The slide-out keyboard seems a little flimsy and it’s a little dated. I need to do a little more research and then make my decision.

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New Panasonic Network Camera Firmware

I picked up a network camera, the Panasonic BL-C10 probably a year and a half ago or so. It was a great deal at Fry’s, something like $120. Today, I was looking for another camera to use around the house and all of the ones I looked at, with the features I want (pan/tilt and a built-in web server) go for between $250 and $600! Sure, the image is clearer on the D-Link DCS-5300 but that camera goes for $275 or so. And, to top it off, Panasonic just released a new set of firmware for the camera that adds digital zoom to the ActiveX control (no, not to the camera, it digitally magnifies the image in your browser). Still, I think it’s one heck of a deal, even at the $165 that Amazon.com is charging for it now.

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Are you a music fan?

Bill Graham is a legend in the music industry. Last week, I heard an interview with the Bill Sagan, CEO of Wolfgang’s Vault on NPR. Apparently he bought the archives a while back and has been digitizing it all. And what a collection it is! Even the tickets for the concerts were archived — they were collected at the door, put in a box, sealed and sent to the archives. Their website streams the audio from Graham’s live concerts and you can buy posters, programs, t-shirts, tickets, ties, backstage passes and more. And apparently videos are on their way. Yaaaaaay!

(there’s also this article on News.com as well as this video.)

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