GPS Receiver plus Micro SD Card

Ever since I got my MDA from T-Mobile, my HP HX2495 PocketPC has been lounging around, pretty much unused. Well, a couple of weeks ago, I decideed to dig it out and use it around the house — I’ve got good wireless connectivity all over here (better than my T-Mobile connection) and, while the MDA has WiFi, it drains the battery really fast. The iPAQ has both an SD slot and a CF slot. This week, it occurs to me that I could plug a GPS receiver into the SD slot and use it as a GPS! And then it occurs to me that this was one of the things I was planning to do back when I bought it (too much to do, too little time).

OK, so, with that introduction, Spectec has introduced an SD GPS receiver with a Micro-SD slot. It’s not available yet but MicroPlanet has it available on pre-order for $176. I need to do a little more research but this is looking pretty good to me. Comies with the SiRF Star III chipset. This post on GearDiary has more information.

Why don’t I just buy a good BT GPS? I dunno, maybe I will. I’m still investigating.

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