Live365 on your PocketPC/PDA/SmartPhone

I’ve been a Live365 listener/subscriber for a long time (favorite station right now is radio for musicheads) and I’ve been cobbling together ways to listen over my SmartPhone (that’s which Microsoft’s calling ALL PocketPC-based mobile phones nowadays). Well, they’ve finally come up with their own application that you can load and run on your phone and you can get it from I’m downloading it now.

Update June 6, 2007: I tried it last night and it works pretty well. Works better if you have a fast cellular connection, lots of memory and a fast processor. On a 3G or enhanced EDGE AT&T Wireless connection with an 8525 (i.e. HTC TyTN/Hermes), it works really well. On my T-Mobile MDA with a slower EDGE connection, it still works but it’s a bit more sluggish. Oh, sure, I got it to lock up my phone once or twice but it’s Alpha software

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