T-Mobile Hotspot@Home Talk Forever

The Mobile Gadeteer has made this post about the aforementioned service. For $12/month it’s a GREAT deal and should put some pressure on the home VoIP providers like Vonage to lower their prices. In fact, when T-Mobile roles out their 3G service, I may be tempted to ditch my AT&T service and return to the T-Mobile fold — I’ve never been impressed by AT&T’s service whereas I’ve always had good experiences with T-Mobile.

$12/month is really a pretty good rate although I’ve only spent a little over $4.00 for two months of service with VoicePulse Connect. That was for 380 minutes of outbound calling (a little over 6 hours of talking). If you consider that I’m spending about $2.00/month for my setup then I’d be paying an additional $10.00/month for the simplicity of installation and maintenance. That seems like a reasonable trade to me. Fortunately, I don’t have to make a decision yet … it’s not available here in Silly-con Valley yet.

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