July 2006

Convert any US address to longitude and lattitude

Geocoder will convert any U.S. address into its longitude and lattitude. Course, another, graphical way to do this is to locate the address on Google Maps and find the link on the page labelled “Link to this page”. Contained in that URL is your longitude and lattitude with the lattitude and longitude coming after “ll=” in the URL. They’re comma separated. First is lattitude and next is longitude. You may have to magnify the map or click elsewhere on the map to get the link URL to contain the coordinates.

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VMware server is released!

VMWare has released VMware Server, a free VM environment that runs on Windows or Linux. If differs from VMware Player in that you can create VMs as opposed to just running them. Download from this link. Pre-configured virtual machines complete with a configured operating system (aka “appliances”) are available here including the most recent Ubuntu (from this link) and CentOS (from this link on LinuxTracker.org) as a torrent.

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