November 2021

Getting Emacs up and running

I started using Emacs back in…ohh…1992? And I loved it! It was bare bones and it was fun learning about all the packages and modes that were available, not to mention learning EmacsLisp! Nowadays, however, most (myself included) prefer to install something and begin using it right away. Well, guess what? There’s a lot of function in base Emacs and spells out a lot of what you can do without adding anything! Yeah, I learned a lot!

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Maybe you don’t need that domain after all…

Firefox Relay ( has just exited beta and now has a premium tier ($1/month) that gives you more than the 5 email aliases the free plan provides.
I’ve been a big proponent of paying for an email service like and buying your own domain so you have an unlimited number of email addresses available to you. But it requires some geek work to bring it all together. Services like provide similar capabilities by generating unique email addresses for you and forwarding them to an address you specify when you sign up. Mozilla’s service isn’t all that different but it’s from Mozilla and it’s pretty cheap (right now…they say it’s a promotional price with no mention of when the price will go up), Still, it’s a worthwhile investment if you don’t feel like giving your precious personal email address out to various websites and newsletters.

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256 qubits?!?

QuEra Computing ( has just launched with a 256-qubit computer. They call it a simulator, I guess because it uses a different underlying technology but it supposedly really is a 256 qubit quantum computer! See and. yes, this has significant implications on security which impacts on blockchain, wifi security, network security, ssh, and pretty much everything else that relies on encryption. is another good and short article.

This is really pretty new (just announced today) and there aren’t a lot of analyses out there yet so I’d encourage you to do your own searches to keep up with it.

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Use journalctl to view msgs on Linux

Stop browsing the text log file. Journalctl maintains an actual database which makes it easy to filter on date or time or source or … I became a journalctl convert a few years ago and have never looked back. Unsure how to use it? is as pretty decent intro.

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