Squeezebox from SlimDevices

Well, after looking at it for about 2 years, I finally picked up a Squeezebox from SlimDevices. Why? Well, I find myself listening to more and more of my radio over the Internet. Almost all of the stations I listen to broadcast over the Internet (with the exception of KKUP. And I get to listen to stations like RadioParadise.com, KPIG, Cities 97 and KCRW — stations that either don’t broadcast at all or don’t broadcast in my area. Not to mention the likes of SHOUTcast, Live365, RadioIO and even RadioTime.

I wasn’t too happy with the SqueezeBox until I hooked up some decent speakers to it. I dug out my old Altec Lansing ACS-45s (see this page (and, yes, I know it’s a product page for El Salvador — I couldn’t find anything for North America. I guess that’s because they’re, like, 5 years old). Now, I’m really happy! Excellent sound!

Squeezebox from SlimDevices