Garbage collection

Unless you follow me on Twitter, you probably haven’t heard a lot from me so I thought I’d take a few minutes and bring you current.

  • I purchased a Panasonic KX-TG9343T cordless phone. It’s a DECT 6.0 phone and supports the Open GAP standard (see the DECT Wikipedia reference) which should mean that it can operate as a handset in ANY DECT phone system.
  • I’m looking into the snom m3 wireless VoIP phone. I’m staying away from 802.11 phonesets for the time being as I’ve heard they can be quite flakey and quirky. But it should be possible for my Panasonic handset to be an extension on the snom. We’ll see when I get around to purchasing the snom.
  • I’m looking into new mobile phones, the Nokia N96 being my current favorite non-Windows Mobile phone. For Windows Mobile, the new HTC Touch Diamond is looking really sweet and fast but the MWg Atom Life Windows Mobile 6 Edition is also looking really nice and quite a bit cheaper. No GPS on the MWg Atom Life, whereas both the N96 and the Touch Diamond have one.
  • My old border router died. Fortunately, I bought an Airlink101 AR680W 300N Wireless Router a while back so I had new hardware on-hand. It took a few hours to configure it but it’s working like a charm.
  • I’ve tried about a dozen new betas and invitation-only sites to the point that I’m pretty much social-networked out. My favorite remains Twitter with FriendFeed running a close second.
  • Twitterfeed is a good supporting site for Twitter in that it gets an abbreviated form of new blog entries that I create into Twitter.
  • I’ve pretty much switched over to Digsby as my universal IM client. It allows me to login to the same service with multiple usernames and also allows me to login to my Twitter account and post new tweets.
  • I’m running the Firefox 3 Portable App beta and am REALLY happy with it!
  • And, to close before I completely bore you to death, I picked up Airlink101’s newest Wireless Night Vision Network Camera and installed it. Sweet! Support full-motion video and “snapshots” by going to http://your-ip/cgi/jpg/image.cgi.

Sorry, no, I haven’t fixed comments yet. Yes, I plan to upgrade to a more current version of Movable Type.

Garbage collection