Create your own cellular network

Ukama ( is using the Citizens Broadband Radio Service to let an unlicensed user create their own cellular network. Interesting idea! Read more at Ukama or in this article or just drop in on their github ( and Twitter at

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I had a Pebble watch

This retrospective by the founder of Pebble is a must-read for anyone who contemplates starting or joining a startup. I’ve been through 5 (or more depending on how you count them), with more failures than successes and I have to say that I’ve learned MORE from the failures than the successes.

Yes, I backed Pebble on Kickstarter and still have the original laying around here somewhere in my museum or Blackberries, Amigas, Palms, etc. It was a valiant effort and defined an industry.

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New Panasonic Network Camera Firmware

I picked up a network camera, the Panasonic BL-C10 probably a year and a half ago or so. It was a great deal at Fry’s, something like $120. Today, I was looking for another camera to use around the house and all of the ones I looked at, with the features I want (pan/tilt and a built-in web server) go for between $250 and $600! Sure, the image is clearer on the D-Link DCS-5300 but that camera goes for $275 or so. And, to top it off, Panasonic just released a new set of firmware for the camera that adds digital zoom to the ActiveX control (no, not to the camera, it digitally magnifies the image in your browser). Still, I think it’s one heck of a deal, even at the $165 that is charging for it now.

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T-Mobile MDA/SDA SmartPhone

This article from engadget says the SDA will be available 2/13/2006 for $299.99 and the MDA on 2/20/2006 for $399.99 (pictures of the two are available here). This review in discusses the features, pros and cons of the MDA (which is a more traditional PDA-style phone as opposed to the SDA which is more of a phone-style phone). WiFi, Bluetooth, GPRS, GSM and EDGE-capable!

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