Portable Applications1

I’ve seen a lot about this over the past year or so but haven’t really had a need for it. But, today, I decided it would be easier to carry my GAIM setup and contacts with me from laptop to laptop so I decided to look into it. To my Google search, up popped PortableApps.com. There’s an impressive array of appliationsthat it supports and you can even download an entire suite of applications which includes word processing, instant messaging, email and anti-virus.

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Google’s web-based RSS reader

It’s here but you’ll need a Google account, which you can easily create, or, if you have a GMail account, you can use that. Matter of fact, you can use any of the accounts that you have already created with Google.

My early opinion? It’s not a Bloglines but it’s an OK start.

Update, October 21: Well, I’ve played with it a bit and I’ll take function over form anyday. Yeah, it’s cute and the way it interacts with the user is neat-o keen but if you’ve got an active site you’re tracking via RSS or more than a couple of subscriptions, I find it too unwieldy. Maybe it’s just me … I haven’t given up yet and will continue to work with it but, for now, Bloglines is still my number one app.

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NSLookup for WINS?

Ever need to do the equivalent of an nslookup on a WINS server? No, it’s not the same. As I’ve said before, Windows IT Pro has a lot of good newsletters and the most recent issue of their “Windows Tips & Tricks UPDATE” gives a pointer to NBLookup.exe that Microsoft released about a year ago.

What can you do? Pretty much what you would expect but see the Microsoft article link, above, for details.

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Murky News write-up on BPL (Broadband over Power Lines)

Looks like we’re getting closer to my goal of not rewiring my house and yet still being able to network my home without the benefit of WiFi (see this entry about my new computer). The San Jose Mercury News had an article (registration required, I think) in this morning’s paper about networking your computers using your home’s power lines and another article about power companies connecting homes to the Internet.

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One fewer IMAP client

Mulberry is no more. The folks at ISAMET/Cyrusoft have filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Mulberry probably utilized more IMAP features than any other client with the possible exception of Pine but it certainly used the most features of any GUI client. While Thunderbird was my primary mail client, Mulberry’s single-key ease of use let me breeze through my mailboxes. True, I still have the program but the source is locked up and it looks like there will be no more updates.


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