Google Browser Sync for Firefox

Google Labs has come up with another cool idea — browser sync. What is it? In their words:

“By default, Google Browser Sync continuously synchronizes your bookmarks, history, persistent cookies, tabs, windows, and saved passwords across computers.”

You can get it from this page and discuss it in the Google-Firefox-Extensions group.

Your information is stored on their servers and, yes, they will encrypt your data with a “PIN” or password that you specify. You need to have a Google account but the PIN doesn’t have to match your Google password and, in fact, you can set up a new account just for this if you’re feeling paranoid (yeah, some folks have the feeling that Google is the next Microsoft when it comes to privacy). You have some flexibility about what data is synched but note that to sync you must be connected to the net. That’s not a problem for most people but folks on dial-up probably don’t want to participate.

No, I haven’t tried it yet because … well, I’m just not ready yet. I don’t use the Google toolbar (in fact, I don’t use any toolbars) but I do use a lot of other Firefox extensions. I guess I just have to get used to the idea first. And I’ll let you know when I adopt it.

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Finally, an extension for tweaking Firefox

Heretofore, tweaking Firefox has been a matter of reading an article, running about:config and playing with the values there or, if you’re trusting, running FireTune. Finally, someone’s come out with an extension to help you manage your tweaks. While there may already be a number of these out there, FasterFox is the first I’ve seen. Screenshots are here if you wanna see what it looks like before you install it.

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TabMixPlus – Firefox extension for tabbed browsing

Yeah, I know, there are a LOT of extensions out there that enable/assist with tabbed browsing in Firefox. I’ve just run across Tab Mix Plus and am trying it out. It’s replaced 5 extensions for me and, so far, it doesn’t look like I’ve lost any functionality.

And may even replace SessionSaver .2.

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