Meebo: Web-based IM Client

I just stumbled across Meebo. It’s a web-based service that connects you to MSN, AIM, Yahoo!, Google Talk, Jabber and ICQ IM services. And if you’re like me and have multiple AIM and Yahoo! accounts, you can have them all signed on at the same time. Honestly, that’s the reason I use Miranda and GAIM — I have an AIM account for my day job as well as a personal AIM account. Ditto for Yahoo! IM. Doing it this way allows me to keep my work contacts separate from my personal contacts. So, when I’m at work, I’m signed on to no less than 5 IM accounts, across 3 different services Meebo will let me do it all via the web. Haven’t hd a lot of experience with it yet but if I find anything earthshaking, I’ll give you all an update.

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I’m running Miranda again

I gave up on Miranda quite a while ago because the development team was in a mess and they weren’t producing usable code on a regular basis. I switched to GAIM. Well, the GAIM team seems to be in the same shape as the Miranda team was a couple of years ago — they’ve stalled. So, it’s back to Miranda for me, at least for a while. Miranda’s very flexible and extensible but it’s also a tough nut to crack — you have to load extensions for EVERYTHING, including smileys (Yahoo!’s smileys aren’t included in the package).

So, in case you’re interested in giving it a try, here’s my running config, complete with plug-ins:

Miranda IM version: 0.6.7 Unicode
Build time: 17:19:03 on 09 February 2007
Profile size: 136.48 KBytes
Profile creation date: 19 Jan 2007 at 16:04:06
Language pack: No language pack installed
Nightly: No
Unicode core: Yes

Active Plugins (12):
Aim.dll v. [09 Feb 2007] - AIM OSCAR Plugin - Version 6R
clist_classic.dll v. [09 Feb 2007] - Classic contact list (Unicode)
dbx_3x.dll v. [09 Feb 2007] - Miranda database driver
ieview.dll v. [08 Jun 2006] - IEView
import.dll v. [09 Feb 2007] - Import contacts and messages
msn.dll v. [09 Feb 2007] - MSN Protocol (Unicode)
png2dib.dll v. [09 Feb 2007] - PNG images processor
smileyadd.dll v. [22 Dec 2006] - SmileyAdd
tabsrmm.dll v. [09 Aug 2006] - tabSRMsgW (unicode)
VersionInfo.dll v. [28 Jan 2007] - Version Information
Yahoo.dll v. [09 Feb 2007] - Yahoo Protocol
yapp.dll v. [14 Nov 2006] - YAPP

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