Meebo: Web-based IM Client

I just stumbled across Meebo. It’s a web-based service that connects you to MSN, AIM, Yahoo!, Google Talk, Jabber and ICQ IM services. And if you’re like me and have multiple AIM and Yahoo! accounts, you can have them all signed on at the same time. Honestly, that’s the reason I use Miranda and GAIM — I have an AIM account for my day job as well as a personal AIM account. Ditto for Yahoo! IM. Doing it this way allows me to keep my work contacts separate from my personal contacts. So, when I’m at work, I’m signed on to no less than 5 IM accounts, across 3 different services Meebo will let me do it all via the web. Haven’t hd a lot of experience with it yet but if I find anything earthshaking, I’ll give you all an update.

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