All Vista versions on one DVD

I was corresponnding with a friend (hi, Chad) about Vista and were remarking how not everyone knows that all versions of Vista for your platform are on the Vista DVD. For instance, the January Microsoft Action Pack shipment contains a DVD that’s labelled Vista Business and a license key for it. But if you don’t enter the license key during install, you’re presented with a menu which allows you to select the version you’ve purchased. And, like Windows XP, you’re allowed to run the version for 30 days before it requires you to activate it. But, I’ve gotta think that, by virtue of how the installer and activation works, it’s perfectly OK to install Ultimate, for instance, to see if you like it before you plunk down your money for an upgrade (or the full version).

So, if you’ve got a DVD with Windows Vista on it, go through the installer and see what you’ve got. Note that the DVDs are bootable so you can run the installer by running setup from Windows or by booting the DVD. In both cases you’re prompted for your license key and in both cases if you don’t enter it, you can select the version you want to install. Note that this is platform dependent, though. The 64-bit versions are not packaged with the 32-bit versions and vice-versa.

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