I’m running Miranda again

I gave up on Miranda quite a while ago because the development team was in a mess and they weren’t producing usable code on a regular basis. I switched to GAIM. Well, the GAIM team seems to be in the same shape as the Miranda team was a couple of years ago — they’ve stalled. So, it’s back to Miranda for me, at least for a while. Miranda’s very flexible and extensible but it’s also a tough nut to crack — you have to load extensions for EVERYTHING, including smileys (Yahoo!’s smileys aren’t included in the package).

So, in case you’re interested in giving it a try, here’s my running config, complete with plug-ins:

Miranda IM version: 0.6.7 Unicode
Build time: 17:19:03 on 09 February 2007
Profile size: 136.48 KBytes
Profile creation date: 19 Jan 2007 at 16:04:06
Language pack: No language pack installed
Nightly: No
Unicode core: Yes

Active Plugins (12):
Aim.dll v. [09 Feb 2007] - AIM OSCAR Plugin - Version 6R
clist_classic.dll v. [09 Feb 2007] - Classic contact list (Unicode)
dbx_3x.dll v. [09 Feb 2007] - Miranda database driver
ieview.dll v. [08 Jun 2006] - IEView
import.dll v. [09 Feb 2007] - Import contacts and messages
msn.dll v. [09 Feb 2007] - MSN Protocol (Unicode)
png2dib.dll v. [09 Feb 2007] - PNG images processor
smileyadd.dll v. [22 Dec 2006] - SmileyAdd
tabsrmm.dll v. [09 Aug 2006] - tabSRMsgW (unicode)
VersionInfo.dll v. [28 Jan 2007] - Version Information
Yahoo.dll v. [09 Feb 2007] - Yahoo Protocol
yapp.dll v. [14 Nov 2006] - YAPP

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