New betas: MP3Gain V1.2 and Kerio Personal Firewall V4.0 Beta 4

Reported by BetaNews yesterday, 6/16/2003.

MP3Gain directly adjusts the volume of an MP3 file (as opposed to decoding it, doing peak normalization and reencoding it). Don’t try to do a lot of files at once, though: the analysis and normalization can take quite a while. The BetaNews article is at

The Kerio Personal Firewall V4.0 Beta 4 article is at I’ve used V2 and did some playing around with the V3 betas. I don’t think V3 was ever released and I got tired of using beta firewall code which is why I switched to Sygate Personal Firewall. On the whole, I think I prefer Kerio’s V3 … maybe I’ll give V4 a try. There’s a Yahoo! group for Kerio at

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