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Played with Bloglines and found a couple of problems, the first of which was a real concern to me. You can import OPML channel listings so you can easily bring your existing subscriptions to it. I tried importing an OPML file created by FeedDemon and it failed with a server error. Fired off a comment to their support and got an answer back within an hour that included an update to their server code! Now, that’s what I call service! Course, like I said, they just launched it and, having done stuff like this before myself, I imagine they’re probably shepherding it along, keeping a very close eye on things.

Also sent off a couple of suggestions.

* When subscribing to new channels, there’s a subscribe radio control on the page which is redundant with the subscribe button. I understand the desire to have a confirmation so how about a “subscribe” and a “cancel” button?

* (You have to experience this to really understand it, I think.) It’s difficult to move subscriptions from one folder to another, especially if you have a number of subs you want to move. How about making it a two-step process? Have check boxes next to each subscription and allow the user to select multiple subs. Then, click on a “move” button and select the target folder (only one selection allowed, here). Could do the same with delete and even create (select the folder in which you want the new folder or subscription to go in to).

And here’s an excerpt from their response:

Date: Fri, 04 Jul 2003 09:24:12 -0700
From: Customer Support
Subject: Re: [#128] Web Form: [Suggestions]


Thanks for the suggestions. Both are great ideas. We’re definitely looking
for ways to improve the manage screen and I like your multiple move idea.

Thanks for using Bloglines.

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