Firewall update

Still not too crazy about it (Kerio V4 beta 5) and this morning, after the laptop going into and out of hibernation about 8 times over the past few days, the Kerio firewall driver failed … think it ran out of memory. Unfortunately, I was right in the middle of something pretty important so I didn’t record anything, just rebooted and took off again. One other problem I had yesterday, it seemed to freeze me out of the network twice after coming back from hibernation. I just disabled and reenabled the firewall and everything got back to normal. It’s a beta — things aren’t supposed to work 100% yet.

Aside from those little hiccups, I’m still not comfortable with the interaction mechanism. The color scheme of the pop-ups or something makes me wanna hurry up and permit or deny access as opposed to thoughtfully selecting the right options for the more-or-less permanent rules. And the “simple” rules are recorded in a different place from the “advanced” rules and the two don’t mix — you can’t take a simple rule and make it in to an advanced one. I’m gonna stick with it a while longer, though.

Next up is the new Zone Alarm Pro V4. A friend works at ZoneLabs and he’s recommending it highly (hi, Alex!) and he’s not the kind of guy that would steer me wrong.

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