Getting ready to move to now has weblog import working!

Ok, to review:

* they provide free web pages — and NO banners
* you can select from several templates and modify them as you desire
* they have a full-featured HTML editor
* each account has forums
* each account has a weblog
* each weblog has comment capability
* each weblog has an XML feed

What’s the downside? Uhh … I don’t care for the overall look — kinda 50’s bowling-shirt retro. But, hey, their feature list is great and they actually listen to their users. They have a Yahoo! group and a discussion forum on their web site, both of which they monitor and respond to. I’m preparing to move my weblog over there if I can master their HTML editor — I gotta admit, though,’s weblog editor is extremely easy to use … it’ll take some effort for me to abandon it.

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