Job searches delivered by RSS

And for those who are looking for a new opportunity, RSSJobs will search on 4 sites: Monster, Dice, HotJobs and UCSD Job Link (a job board at UC San Diego).

I dunno that I’d go giving them money yet, though. The domain was registered on July 13 of this year (by a guy in (gasp!) San Diego) and it looks like the searches go directly to the standard search facilities of the 4 boards. I’m curious whether the guy that’s started the service has gotten the OK from the targets. Also, there are only 4 boards, there’s no company information (the contact page simply let’s you enter a comment/email) and, on top of everything else, the service is pretty restrictive. For $5/month you only get 10 saved searches, each delivering up to 25 results. For free you get 5 saved searches, each delivering a maximum of 10 results.

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