OurNotePad.com and OnlineHomeBase.com

Found a note about OurNotePad.com in one of the ASP.NET weblogs. Another interesting idea: an free online notepad that can be shared amongst users. Not too sure of the utility of this particular idea but I haven’t had a chance to play with it much yet. I think you’ve already grasped the basic concept. It’s simple, yes, it’s not as fancy as a weblog or a forum … and that may be its beauty. The interface is a little cluttered for me and I can’t get to the notepad sheets themselves without using the mouse but I’ll diddle with it and we’ll see.

Another free service: OnlineHomeBase.com. This actually predates OurNotePad, I think. It’s OurNotePad.com on steroids in that it provides a calendar along with a notepad organized in to “sheets” wrapped up with notification capabilities (email and cell phone) and collaboration. It has free-form text entry and it (supposedly) figures out what’s what (reminders and such) based on context.

Hmm … am I gonna have enough time to explore this stuff?

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