Woo-hoo — 802.11g, here I come!

I’ve been researching 802.11g rigs for a couple of weeks now. The best as far as distance and speed is supposedly the Netgear WGT624 108Mbps router but the 2nd best is the D-Link DI-624 router. Both products run the Atheros chipset which can bond 2 channels together, effectively doubling the data rate from 54 to 108Mbps. No, you don’t actually get 108Mbps through the router … more like 30+Mbps.

Anyway, D-Link has a $40 rebate if you buy both the DI-624 and the DWL-G650. You have to purchase them by the end of the day today (1/5/2004) and they both have to appear on the same invoice. Well, I’ve been looking at them on Amazon.com for well over a week. This morning they cost a little over $160. This evening they cost around $135. Even if something goes wrong with the rebate, I still feel good about this price.

Should be here in a week or two (I’m too cheap to pay extra for shipping).

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