What have I been up to?

Been hot on the trail of a PocketPC. Picked up the HP iPAQ hx2495 running Windows Mobile 5. The OS is a mixed blessing. It’s the newest but that also means it’s the least supported. Windows Mobile 2003 SE has been around for a while and just about every application out there supports it. WM5 is new and very few apps support it but more are being ported all the time.

Of course, the first thing I looked for was a good IMAP client and I think I’ve settled on WebIS Mail from Web Information Solutions. It’s a little different working with an IMAP client that specifically doesn’t want to stay online but I think I’m getting the hang of it. More later.

Update, Dec 9: OK, maybe WebIS Mail isn’t the right answer. I just can’t get myself used to working offline and, given the state of wireless communication for me, I’m not inclined to learn. I think I’ve found an alternative, though. See the next entry for details.

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