Man, that’s what I call “connected”

Was chatting by email with one of my friends and I was reminded of one of my most satisfying “converged”, “connected” experiences. A friend and I were driving to her parents’ house a few hours away. On the way, we lost our favorite radio station. So, I pulled out my trusty Windows Mobile phone with 3G access, connected it to her car’s radio/CD player and I streamed radio via my phone. We listened to the Internet broadcast of the terrestrial station for a while and, when we got bored with that, switched over to one of the Internet-only stations and flopped between them and one or two others. Eventually, we found nothing we were interested in so I fired up Radio365 Mobile and listened to some Live365 stations, all with nary a hiccup or dropout. Coming back, we didn’t even bother with the car’s radio but started right off with my phone. I was in geek heaven!

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