Another mobile IM/VoIP client

Raketu has a Windows Mobile client that combines (among other things) instant messaging, video on demand and VoIP calling. Here’s a review from 2006 and here’s another review that’s from a few weeks ago. Both are similar in that they don’t particularly like the user interface but the PC World article is a bit more harsh, which indicates to me that it was done by someone who’s not a phone geek 🙂

Personal preference for my mobile use? I’ve got a couple of AIM accounts, some Yahoo! IM accounts, a couple of MSN Mobile accounts, several Google Chat accounts and a few others that are pretty obscure. On each service, I maintain separate IM accounts for work and personal use, I prefer Palringo for instant messaging because I can sign in to all of these services and also be simultaneously signed in to the same IM service with multiple ids and send and receive both work and personal instant messages at the same time. I read RSS feeds in my web browser with Bloglines. Their mobile version looks great on my phone’s browser. Since it’s web-based, it can be a little slow but I don’t have to worry about keeping my RSS feed in sync. Long distance is included in my mobile calling plan, I don’t really make too many international calls and I use GrandCentral to aggregate inbound calls (including my VoIP lines) and ring all my phones so I don’t have much reason (yet) to use a VoIP client on my mobile phone.

Still, it’s an interesting client and no doubt helps advance the industry as a whole so it’s worth noting.

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