Accessing work calendar and email when away

I’ve been using AirSet and Soonr to get to my email and calendar from my mobile device while away from work. Why don’t I use a Blackberry? Been there, done that and have long since switched to a Windows Mobile platform. Since it my personal device, I’m not really interested in mixing my personal data with my professional.

So, now I hear that both AirSet and Soonr are is gonna start charging and Soonr is going into a private beta so what do I do? For calendaring, I tried Google Calendar. With OggSync I can synchronize my work calendar with it and, while it will send me a daily agenda, it won’t reliably send me reminders of upcoming meetings. OK, that’s out. What else?

Yahoo Calendar seems to fill the bill. They’ve got an autosync client that will watch for changes to my schedule and upload changes, it reliably reminds me of upcoming meetings but it doesn’t look like it will send me a daily agenda on its own. To solve this last little big, I think I can probably cobble something together, maybe with Yahoo Pipes.

And email? I think one of my previously posted browsers will give me OWA. So, if I can get OWA, won’t that address my calendaring needs as well? In truth, I really need an offline copy or daily synopsis of my calendar so I can plan even when I’m offline whereas email is more immediate and that’s is why I believe I need something like OWA. eMoze may give me email without my having to launch a browser but I don’t yet know how it integrates with Pocket Outlook. I’ve sent them questions and, once I get answers, I’ll be able to tell you more about that particular solution.

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