Some VoIP sites I need to remember to get back to …

I’ve been banging around some VoIP sites again and have come across some services/providers that I haven’t really had time to investigate in any detail. Rather than keep the sites to myself pending a more thorough investigation, I thought I’d at least post them with the little bit of information I have. If I can get back to them, I will post more detailed entries but, if I don’t, at least you all will have the benefit of what I’ve found.


Inbound number in an area code that you don’t pick. Upload your contacts, call it from one of 3 numbers you designate and you can call the contact through them. Your contact doesn’t see your RingBranch number. If someone calls your RingBranch number, it’s forwarded to one number you select. 1000 minutes/month. Free right now.

RNK’s Phone Number Bank:

$9.95/month after a 60-day free trial. Transfer your phone number to them and they’ll forward calls to that (or those) numbers to a single phone number.

T-Mobile’s Talk Forever Home Phone:

Wireless router is $50 and the service is $10/month with a $39.99/monthly plan (2 year contract).


I know they’ll disagree but the easiest way to descibe it is to call it, essentially, GrandCentral in a paid form. $9.99/month after a free 30-day trial. Has a website optimized for the iPhone as well as TalkPlus applications for Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Palm and others.

Masque Number:
Sort of line Vumber. $9.95/month for the first number and then an incremental cost for each additional number. Each number comes with its own voicemail.


Free, expiring phone number. Currently “scaling our infrastructure” so not accepting new subscribers.

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