Comcast issues? Tweet about it!

Who woulda guessed that there’s Comcast guy monitoring twitter? Sure enough, @wscottw3 is there. How’d I find out about it? Well, it turns out that @techcrunch was having problems with his connection. He tweeted about it and @chrispirillo replied that he should ping the guy. Go on, take a look at the tweets (here, here and here, for instance) as well as this Techcrunch blog post, I’ll wait …

And, to top it off, @wscottw‘s got some good posts in his weblog like this one which talks about getting started on Twitter including a short list of who to start following.

One more thing: if you are having problems with Comcast, either tweet @wscottw3 or use this form to send an email to Rick Germano, SVP of Customer Operations at Comcast. And, yes, I got that link from several of @wscottw‘s tweets.

And, in case you’re too shy to ask, I’m tsum over on twitter.

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