Turn any site into a PWA

I’m not sure how many of you are aware of or use Progressive Web Apps (or PWAs – look it up). Think of them as encapsulated web pages that appear as apps (because that’s what essentially they are) so, instead of bookmarking or trying to remember all those sites you can have an app for each of them that IS the website. The website creator has to do some work on their end to enable this functionality on their site and not everyone has done that. Enter https://surfable.app/ – an open source (github: https://github.com/sandoche/Surfable-app) tool that will create a PWA given the site’s URL. It’s pretty cool and has premade PWAs for many of the popular sites. And if you want to make a PWA for a site they don’t currently support (or you want to tweak one of their PWAs), their github explains how or you can justs open an issue about it. Useful and worthwhile IMHO

Turn any site into a PWA