SoBig et al overwhelms AOL email infastructure?

David Hornik, a contributor over at VentureBlog, put up this entry last night. Interesting article. Briefly, he says he was speaking with someone that “is currently in command of a key piece of (the Internet’s) infrastructure” who said that the spambots had so overwhelmed AOL’s email infrastructure that they issued a call to the “others at the key choke-points around the web” to help them (I assume this means those that control the MAEs and IBXs and such).

All jokes about the AOL email infrastructure aside, if this is true, it could mean a revolution is in the making … not that it hasn’t been building for a long time … I mean who do you know who ISN’T sick of spam? He says it may be the end of the Web as we know it but I think he may mean “email” as opposed to “Web”. Hope he can get some kind of confirmation.

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