NStorm games connect to their site

I forgot to mention this and a friend of mine brought it to my attention. The NStorm games connect back to the mothership (i.e. the NStorm site). Their Privacy Policy discusses this under the Gaming heading and they say that all they do is collect the fact that a specific game is being played. Their “About NStorm” page tells you that they’re an “advergaming” company so it makes sense. For what it’s worth, I still play their games. YMMV.

2 thoughts on “NStorm games connect to their site”

  1. Thanks for the comment, Dan. Santa Balls 2 is one of my favorites and I thought that wise cracking elf bore a striking resemblance to the elf in the earlier bowling games. Great stuff — keep it up!

  2. Tony,

    My name is Dan and I am one of the creators of the original Elf Bowling games. We sold our company back in 1999 and no longer own the bowling games. The good news is we are still doing games so i thought you would want to check out our new stuff.

    Check out http://www.kewlbox.com.

    Specifically our new holiday games staring oliver the elf. Over 500,000 game plays since we launched it a week or so ago.

    Have fun! http://www.kewlbox.com/games/game.cfm?gameId=96

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