— one more time!

I spent quite a bit of time over the holiday catching up on news and such. I’ve got a couple of computers here at home and Bloglines came in so handy that I’ve gotta plug it again. If you use multiple computers like I do then there’s really no better way to stay in touch with your subscriptions. Since Bloglines is a web-based service, all of your subscriptions are maintained on their servers, allowing you to see the latest from any machine that’s connected to the Internet.

And for those of you not on the RSS bandwagon yet, c’mon, get with the program! If you visit a site at least once a week, RSS can help. Look for the little orange XML tag or for something labelled “syndication” or “RSS”. Grab that link and give it to Bloglines and it’ll automatically hit the RSS feed about every 30 minutes looking for updates. When it find one it’ll store it away for you to look at. And if your favorite sites don’t do RSS, check out and Besides that, just about every weblog has an RSS feed and you can find list upon list of those at places like

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