Tab browsing in Firefox V1.0

They’ve brought Firefox another step closer to being able to function as a tabbed browser. Type about:config in the URLbar and scroll down to or filter browser.tabs.showSingleWindowModePrefs, right-click on it and set it to true. This will enable another set of options in the Tools->Options, Advanced (apparently someone found an unreproducible bug in one of the Firefox 1.0 previews so they disabled the feature in the release version). The options made available by setting this flag doesn’t appear to be a complete fix, though as bookmarks still seem to open in the same tab as do URLs typed into the URLbar. One can install Tab browser Preferences to handle typing into the URLbar and miniT Enhanced takes care of opening bookmarks into a new tab. Tabbrowser Preferences is a biggie, though, so it probably obviates the showSingleWindowModePrefs change/fix.

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