USB Servers, printer and otherwise

CompUSA has the D-Link DP-301U USB print server on sale for $29.99 after a total of $20 in mail-in rebates, and that’s a reasonable price. The problem is, it doesn’t support multi-function printers nor does it support most of the bi-directional information flow that most modern printers use to report ink status, paper jams and such. So, the question is, aside from price, why would you get one of them when you can get a print server that provides much more function? Something like the Keyspan 4-Port Print Server, the more versatile Keyspan USB Server which, besides printers, allows you to share scanners, cameras, USB storage devices and such, or any of the Silex SX1000U USB Print Server, the Silex SX-2000U2 High Speed USB Device Server that supports USB 2.0, or even the Silex SX-3700WB Wireless USB Device Server.

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