Can’t send email with QMail3?

Every time I reinstall QMail3 or add a new account and try to send email, I always end up with an error message “Error occurred while sending”. And every time, I scratch my head and wonder what the heck I forgot. Here the answer: mark one of the folders as an Outbox. You do it from the properties display of the folder within QMail3 and the easiest way to do this is to select the account from the top drop-down. This will display all folders for that account. From there you can click-hold a folder and select Properties. Once there, you’ll see that you can set the Box Type to Inbox, Outbox and a few other things. If there’s no Outbox selected for the account, you can’t send email. It’s that simple.

My recommendation: create a local folder and make that the Outbox. Otherwise you’ll have to connect to write the email to the Outbox and the email will be transferred a total of 3 times: once from your Pocket PC to the Outbox, once from the Outbox back to your PocketPC to be sent and once to actually be sent. The easiest way to create a local folder? Click-hold on the name of the account in the top drop-down and select Create. From the resulting dialog, make sure you select Local in the Type field.

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