Potential site outage

I’m hosted at 1&1 Internet. They’re pretty big over in Europe and when they launched here in the states they gave away a really serious hosting package, including SSH access, a ton of utilities, MySQL databases, CGI, Perl, PHP and a lot of other stuff, all free for 3 years. Of course, being the cheap b*stard that I am, I snapped it right up. Well, the 3 years is nearly up and I’m happy with their services (you can’t beat $5.99 for private domain registration) so I’m thinking about upgrading my service and actually paying someone to host me.

So, this is a heads-up. If I decide to upgrade, it’ll probably be more or less on a whim and you’ll have short notice. The site should only be down for a few days, maybe less, but I’ve got to pull all the data off because upgrading means they actually change where my stuff is located and they don’t move the site. It’s up to me and, to keep everything consistent, I’ll pull the site down, backup the data, do the upgrade and restore it all.

Fair warning.

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