Buddy has left the premises

Zoombak sells 2 devices in the US, both based on GPS and both incredibly simple: they keep track of things. Right now they’re a tad expensive so you probably won’t be tracking your keys with them but that day is coming! For the time being, you can attach one to your dog’s collar to keep track of his location and the other you can put in your car for, well, the same reasons. Yes, there’s a monthly charge but if you want it, you’ll pay.

Why am I telling you about this? Well, for one, it’s an interesting application of the technology but mainly it’s because I think we’re on the cusp of something big. We haven’t seen a game-changer yet but one is coming, trust me. I don’t know if it’s technology (e.g. a new chip) or a new application of an existing technology but between Bluetooth-enabled devices, GPS and cellular technology, all the ingredients are there for a phenomenal location-aware service. We’ve already got LimeJuice (see this TechCrunch artcle) and they’re not the first entry to that market.

So, heads-up!

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